Training & Events Schedule

Basic Police Sniper – May 17 – 21, 2021 – $695.00 – Alexander Global Strategies

Our Basic Sniper School curriculum is designed for new officers who have been assigned to a
Sniper/Observer unit for the first time. Even officers, who have been away from the skill for a
while are also afforded a chance to re-learn the basics of the sniper rifle, and become both
proficient and safe in its deployment. This course covers fundamentals of marksmanship,
ballistics, ammunition selection and usage, shooting positions, effects of weather, data book set
up and theory, team techniques, known distance range firing from 100 to 300+ yds.

You will also be introduced to Unknown Distance shooting. This course will then progress to
encompass all the relevant skills associated with sniper deployments, and the decision-making
process of using the sniper rifle system.

Instructional Method: Our program consists of a balanced mix of classroom sessions and
hands-on training. We focus on practical training sessions during the entire training program.

  • Length: 5 Days (40+Hours)
  • Course Cost: $695.00
  • Location:
    • Elk River Training Facility
      4626 SR 50
      Pelham, TN 37366
  • Area Hotel: Hampton Inn and Suites
    1143Woodbury Hwy
    Manchester, TN 37355

Attendance: The students are required to attend and participate in all classroom lectures,
practical sessions, and scenario exercises. If an emergency causes a student to miss a class
segment(s), the student is responsible for making arrangements with the Instructor Staff. Upon
successful completion of missed work, a certificate will be issued.

Testing: Each student will be expected to perform the skills segments of this course. The
student will be evaluated on their performance on the firearms ranges and classroom. The
students must actively participate and show satisfactory performance in these tasks and
complete a designated qualification course.

1. Additional Study materials will be supplied by Alexander Global Strategies to each student
on day one of the course.