Introduction: This course is intended to equip members of the law enforcement community with skills required to adequately engage targets out 1000 yards. We will discuss scope operation to include ranging with your reticle and windage and elevation adjustments.

Ammunition Requirements: 100 to 200 rounds of MATCH grade ammunition

Gear: Quality precision rifle with scope and bipod, sandbags for improvised shooting positions, spotting scope, data book, calculator, eye and ear protection, shooting mat, weather appropriate attire.

Method: Classroom and practical applications.
Developed By: Elk River Training Facility
Workshop Instructor: Mark Tolleson
Skill Prerequisites: Current Member of Military, Law Enforcement or Security organization
Number of attendees: Maximum 8
Duration: 1 day, (8 to 10 hours)
Course Cost: $225.00
Certification: Elk River Certification of Completion

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