TN “Enhanced” Carry Permit – $45

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We also offer carry permit classes in a ladies only format. Contact us for dates or to schedule your group.

TN Handgun Carry Permit Information:

We are currently only offering the TN “Enhanced” Handgun Carry Permit. The enhanced version is the full course that has been offered by the state of TN in previous years. This class includes the classroom and live fire portion of the training. If you have taken a handgun permit class prior to Jan of 2020 it was the enhanced curriculum. No further action is required. Your permit is still valid until its expiration date if applicable. For more information on the types of permits offered by the state of TN, follow the link below.

Open to the Public Courses

Course Duration Location(s)
Handgun Courses 1 day ERTC
Carbine Courses 1 day ERTC
Precision Rifle Courses 1 to 3 days ERTC
Various Workshops 2 to 4 hours ERTC

Specialized Courses-Mil/LE Only

We offer a number of courses specially designed for military, law enforcement and security personnel. These courses may be POST eligible. Our instructors are experienced military and law enforcement special operations personnel with real world experience domestically and around the globe. Contact us for training rates. We will also come to your facility.

Course Duration Location(s)
Mil/LE Pistol/Carbine Operator 2 days ERTC
Basic or Advanced Sniper 3 to 7 days ERTC
1911 Operator 1 day ERTC

Group Private Instruction: All Elk River Training Center classes are also available on a private or semi-private basis. Maximum group size of 6 students.

Contact us for a quote and to check schedule availability.

Individual Private Lesson Rates:
$90 for a private lesson. (Member $75.)
$125 for a couple or group of two. (Members $100)
***Private sessions are 2 hours. Additional time is available for $35 per additional hour. Maximum of 4 hours.***

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