TN Handgun Carry Permit Information:

Due to the passing of recent permitless carry legislation by the state of TN, we are no longer offering carry permit classes. We are instead offering a reality based concealed carry fundamentals class for $99. Dates will be posted soon.

See below for course details.

We are also offering a 4 hour concealed carry workshop by appt. only for $45. Minimum of 4 students required. This course will cover basic legal guidelines of carry and self defense as well as an overview of concealed carry firearms, hosters and other equipment. No weapon or ammunition is required for this class. It is all done in the classroom and is a good 1st step for citizens seeking more information on concealed carry of a firearm.

Concealed Carry fundamentals – $150


This course is the next step in handgun skill development. In this course the student will vastly improve their ability to draw a handgun from concealment and get rounds on target quickly. In addition to marksmanship fundamentals, we will discuss the survival mindset and reinforce the principles of defensive handgun shooting. The student will be drawing from concealment using a holster or purse and become more proficient in his or her weapon manipulation skills. Here we add mild stress through introducing reasonable time limits to the drills.


This course addresses these questions; How and where should I carry my gun? Is my equipment good enough? How do I get my gun out of the holster effectively while wearing it concealed? Can I get rounds on target quickly and accurately under stress? The standard will be two shots in 2 seconds at 7 yards. From concealment.

Who should attend:

This class is level one of three levels of handgun training we offer. It is intended for the handgun carry permit holder or the gun owner who has attended a basic handgun course. It will focus on the next level of progression for the handgun carry permit holder. In the Course Students will learn:

  • The survival/combat mindset
  • Situational awareness
  • Threat identification and avoidance
  • Developing a personal risk assessment
  • Drawing your handgun from concealment
  • Marksmanship fundamentals
  • Practical accuracy
  • And more‚Ķ


Participants will be awarded a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION for this program.


  • Participants must be 21 years of age and have a current handgun carry permit or certificate of completion from a basic handgun safety course. Students should have an adequate knowledge of basic handgun safety and handling.

Training Hours

  • This is an 8 hour (1 Day) course. Training typically runs from 08:00 to 17:00. We will spend about 2 to 3 hours in the classroom. The remaining time will be spent on the shooting range. Bringing snacks and drinks is recommended to maximize training time.

Handgun Carry Workshop- $45

  • Call to schedule – 931-383-9100

Open to the Public Courses

Course Duration Location(s)
Handgun Courses 1 day ERTC
Carbine Courses 1 day ERTC
Precision Rifle Courses 1 to 3 days ERTC
Various Workshops 2 to 4 hours ERTC

Specialized Courses-Mil/LE Only

We offer a number of courses specially designed for military, law enforcement and security personnel. These courses may be POST eligible. Our instructors are experienced military and law enforcement special operations personnel with real world experience domestically and around the globe. Contact us for training rates. We will also come to your facility.

Course Duration Location(s)
Mil/LE Pistol/Carbine Operator 2 days ERTC
Basic or Advanced Sniper 3 to 7 days ERTC
Low Light/Nigh Vision 1 day ERTC

Group Private Instruction: All Elk River Training Center classes are also available on a private or semi-private basis. Maximum group size of 6 students.

Contact us for a quote and to check schedule availability.

Individual Private Lesson Rates:
$90 for a private lesson. (Member $75.)
$125 for a couple or group of two. (Members $100)
***Private sessions are 2 hours. Additional time is available for $35 per additional hour. Maximum of 4 hours.***