Reality Based Training.

We are the Southeast regional home of Gladius Tactical.

We are a veteran operated, outdoor shooting complex and regional law enforcement training facility. We have classrooms, multiple small arms ranges including a tactical range with steel targets and barricades/obstacles. We have 1000 yard, 600 yard and 400 yard rifle ranges with stationary steel targets and an explosive breaching range on property. We offer handgun carry classes and reality based firearms training for law abiding citizens, law enforcement or military members. We have courses for basic to advanced level shooters. Private lessons and ladies only sessions are also available!

Hours: Tues to Sat 10 am to Sunset

CLOSED: Sunday & Monday

Note: Tuesdays are a maintenance day so access to some ranges may be limited for upkeep.

Annual memberships are available for individuals, couples, families and corporate groups.


Training Courses

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Guest Instructor Program

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Law Enforcement and Military Only Courses

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Facility Services


We offer a full line of training options and annual memberships. We offer the TN handgun carry permit course monthly for $45. We also have basic to advanced, handgun, shotgun, carbine and precision rifle courses available.

Hours of operation: Tues to Sat 10am to sunset(Weather permitting)

  • Due to bad weather we may sometimes close ranges on short notice.

If bad weather is in the area, please call or text us to verify ranges are open. Cell: 931.383.9100

RANGE FEES: (Members shoot for free)

  • $20 - Day rate for non-member - All Day
  • Guests of members: $10 (Must be accompanied by member)


  • Individual: $150
  • Couple: $200
  • Family: $250 (Up to 4 people)
  • Group: $450 (Up to 8 people)
  • Church/Small Business: $1275 (Up to 25 people) Includes free handgun safety seminar and an on-site security/active shooter assessment and 50% off training classes for your employees.
  • Corporate: $2495 (Over 25 employees) Includes free handgun safety seminar and active shooter/security assessment at your facility, unlimited range access, one range rental per month for your group and 50% off of training classes for your employees.
  • Law Enforcement Small Agency/Team: $2995¬† - Large Agency/Host $3995.00 (Host Agency Priveleges) Includes unlimited range access for sworn personnel and up to two full day range rentals for your Dept/Team per month(24 days per year). All sworn personnel also get access during LE only days and events plus discounts on LE training. Must have official ID for access or enrollment.


  • Shooting Ranges
    • 3 to 25 yard covered pistol range
    • 3 to 100 yard pistol, rifle, and shotgun range
    • Tactical/LEO range with various barricades and steel targets
    • 400 yard covered rifle ranges with shooting benches and steel targets from 100 to 400 yards
    • 600 yard PRS style rifle range with known and unknown distance steel targets
    • 1000 yard rifle range with paper zero targets and steel targets every 100 yards
  • Class Rooms
  • Pro Shop - (Under Construction! Coming Soon!)
  • Guest Instructor Program - (Must have proper instructor credentials. Contact us for a quote.)
  • Military, Law Enforcement and Security Training

Training & Events


  • Handgun Carry Workshops - 4 hours - $45
  • Concealed Carry Fundamentals - 8 hours - $99
    • Carry fundamentals classes held on the first Saturday every month.
    • July will be on 2nd Saturday (7/10) due to the July 4th Holiday
  • 1000 yard Precision Rifle Workshop - $25 - Every Wednesday Noon to 6pm


  • Combat Handgun Fundamentals Course - $150
  • Advanced Handgun Fundamentals Course - $150
  • Basic Carbine Course - $150
  • Basic 4 hour Precision Rifle Workshop - $25 (Wednesdays noon to 5pm - Weather permitting)
  • Advanced Carbine Course - $125
  • Basic Precision Rifle Course - $195 - (8 hours)
  • Advanced Precision Rifle (2 Days) - $375


  • Oct 19-20 - All ranges closed for law enforcement training.
  • Oct 21 - All ranges Closed for law enforcement training.
  • Nov 3rd - 5th - Murfreesbor PD - Patrol Rifle

Nov 8-12 - (Closed) Advanced Law Enforcement Sniper Training - Gladius Tactical

  • This is a POST approved advanced LE only sniper course. (Post#:21-490) - $399


NRA HP Rifle Match - Last Saturday of every month - $20 registration fee - 9AM

    • We run the 100 yard reduced course at ERTC

SPECIALTY COURSES: (Mil/LE/Private Security)

  • Tactical Handgun
  • Tactical Shotgun
  • Tactical Patrol Rifle
  • Basic Sniper
  • Advanced Sniper


Visit online store at:

  • Guns, ammo, gear, accesories
  • NFA Items (SBRs/Suppressors) - Members: Buy your suppressor or SBR from us and use it on our ranges with no wait! That's right, NO WAIT!!! You can use your NFA items on our property while you wait for ATF paperwork to clear.