TN Carry Permit – $45

See calendar for dates.
We also offer carry permit classes in a ladies only format. Contact us for dates or to schedule your group.

Open to the Public Courses

Course Duration Location(s)
Handgun Courses 1 day ERTC
Carbine Courses 1 day ERTC
Precision Rifle Courses 1 to 3 days ERTC
Various Workshops 2 to 4 hours ERTC

Specialized Courses-Mil/LE Only

Course Duration Location(s)
Mil/LE Pistol/Carbine Operator 2 days ERTC
Basic or Advanced Sniper 3 to 7 days ERTC
1911 Operator 1 day ERTC

Group Private Instruction: All Elk River Training Center classes are also available on a private or semi-private basis. Maximum group size of 6.

Contact us for a quote and schedule availability.

Individual Private Lesson Rates:
$90 for a private lesson. (Member $75.)
$125 for a couple or group of two. (Members $100)
***Private sessions are 2 hours. Additional time is available for $35 per additional hour. Maximum of 4 hours.***